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College, Quick Get Ready With Me

For getting reading in the morning for college I leave myself 30 minuets to do my hair and make up. I go for a full base that will last me all day, then light with everything else as that's all I really have time for.

How I Plan and Organise My Week

At the Moment I have lists of lists, Life has gotten quite busy between Work, College and the Blog there just isn't enough hours in the day. So I thought I'd share with you how I organise everything and am trying to find enough hours in the day.

What's in My Travel Make-up Bag

Is it only me who finds packing makeup for travel or going away, I want to take it all with me, then I have the fear that I've forgotten something I need, However recently I have learnt to take what I a loving and know will last through the day or night. So I thought id share with you what I take with me;

Essie-Gell Contour Review

I've never really been a nail polish girl, I like having my nails done but I normally get Acrylics, but I've noticed how much they have been damaging my actual nails and that it costs £25 every three weeks, So I've decided to stop and try nail polish again, So I picked up some of the Essie Gell Contour and I've been putting them through there paces for the last few weeks. 

Date Night Inspired Make-Up

Is it only me who finds 'Date Night' make up so hard to do? I want to cover all the imperfections whilst looking natural but Glam AF ahaha. I thought I'd share with you the look I created for a 'Date Night' with my mum and dad-with us all being so busy with work and that it is very rare that we are all in the house together and awake, so when we are all free we always try and have a day the three of us or go out for tea just the three of us. 
I thought I'd share the look that I created when we went out for tea and cocktails when we were all of on holiday. 

Mini MAC Haul

I was a little but naughty today in MAC so I thought id share with you what I got. MAC still had the National lipstick day offer where you spend over £40 you got a Free lipstick and Then Debenhams where running when you spend £50 you get £10 worth of points...It just would have been rude not to.